Doctor Klein explains the characteristics of sensitive skin so you can easily identify them

Sensitive skin is a skin condition that is characterized by reacting immediately to external stimuli such as temperature changes, stress, among other emotional situations.
In Europe, 37.6 ? the population claims to have sensitive or very sensitive skin and it is estimated that by the year 2050, the figure will increase to 50%. Fortunately, thanks to advances in cosmetics, there are specialized treatments for this type of skin.
One of them is offered by Doctor Klein, the Spanish brand is a pioneer in the research, development and manufacture of natural cosmetics specialized in sensitive skin. Its formulas are made from natural active ingredients that control the symptoms of sensitive skin, providing luminosity and beauty.

Doctor Klein explains the characteristics of sensitive skin

From the firm, they emphasize that sensitive skin is recognized for being fine and very fragile. Some of the usual signs that characterize it are redness, itching, a feeling of oppression and dryness. Also, there are usually symptoms such as peeling and constant allergies, which generate a situation of discomfort among the people who suffer from it.
Among the main causes of this reaction is the lack of hydration in the dermis. However, professionals say that it can also occur when the skin comes into contact with a substance or material that causes a reaction. On the other hand, factors such as stress, excessive exposure to the sun, as well as the use of certain fabrics, can cause skin allergies.
Specifically, in the facial area, sensitive skin is affected by the use of inappropriate cosmetics and creams that alter the structure of the skin. Due to this, the natural and vegan cosmetics firm specializes in the manufacture of gentle biotechnological facial products, but with high concentrations and effectiveness that provide safety for sensitive skin.

Manufacturing with high quality standards guarantee the effectiveness of cosmetics

In 2007 Georges Klein, after 10 years of research in the cosmetics market, realized that there was no complete line of natural products to care for and treat sensitive skin and, from that moment on, the Doctor brand was born. Klein.
Under the philosophy of providing solutions to the problems of sensitive skin, they have formed an R&D department that is in charge of developing products beyond quality. Its composition is free of allergens and essential oils, which can cause side effects on the skin. In addition, they are made with natural preservatives, which do not irritate the skin, on the contrary, they provide freshness and maximum hydration.
The important technological base when selecting its raw materials and assets has allowed the firm to develop more than 2,100 exclusive formulas that meet the highest quality standards. In addition, all its products have the endorsement of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, as well as the COSMOS certification, due to their efficiency and effectiveness in treating sensitive skin.

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