Maica Routine – A Curly Experience

We propose a routine specially designed for curly hair in all its forms. Whether you are an expert in the curly method or just starting out, these products will surprise you. The recommended amounts are for medium length hair, but no one knows your hair better than you do, so apply as much as you need.

  1. Start by washing your hair with the CEREALS EXTRACT CURL SHAMPOO. Apply an amount similar to half a walnut, massage your hair from mid-lengths to ends and give your scalp a special pampering. The soothing effect of Peony together with your scalp massage will help to increase the vascularisation of the hair follicles and strengthen your hair. Its rice and oat content provides the perfect balance of natural protein and moisture that your hair needs to prevent frizz. Rinse thoroughly, feel in your hands how your hair has gained volume.
  2. Apply a similar amount of PERFECT LOOPS Hair Conditioner as above. Its more liquid texture than usual allows it to penetrate deeper into the hair, especially important for people with afro hair. Apply from mid-lengths to ends, combing hair gently with your fingers. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes while gently squeezing it between your fingers and rinse it out. Its Hyaluronic Acid and Absinia Oil content will leave your hair incredibly soft without weighing it down.
  3. With your hair wet (almost dripping wet) and detangled with your favourite comb, it’s time to define your curl. If you like a curl with a strong hold use PERFECT LOOPS LEAVE-IN, if you prefer a looser curl with a softer hold then PERFECT LOOPS HAIR MASK is your best choice. Separate your hair into three layers and hold the hair in the top layers while applying an amount equivalent to 1-2 pumps to the mid-lengths and ends of the bottom layer. Repeat the procedure for each layer. Comb through the hair again with your favourite comb to evenly distribute the product. Finally modulate the curl with your fingers to your liking. Let your hair air dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser for more volume and definition. If your initial choice was PERFECT LOOPS LEAVE-IN and you want to give your curls a looser touch without losing definition you can break the hold by gently squeezing your hair through all the layers.
  4. Both products are ideal for refreshing your hair the next day. Dampen the ends a little without undoing the curl and apply a small amount of the same product you used previously to the ends and blow dry again with the diffuser. You will be amazed with the result!

IMPORTANT: As I know you must have loved the products and couldn’t resist buying both types of leave-in, I advise you not to use them together as the anionic fixing properties of PERFECT LOOPS LEAVE-IN and the ultra-hydrating cationic properties of PERFECT LOOPS HAIR MASK cause them to react with each other and may leave residues.

Finally, caring for your sensitive skin naturally has never been easier!


Cereals Extract Curl Shampoo


Perfect Loops Hair Conditioner


Perfect Loops Leave-in


Perfect Loops Hair Mask


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