Noa Routine – Antiacne Routine

For the care of acne-prone skin, it is very important to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise the epidermis in a balanced way. Even for people who have undergone intensive medical treatment for acne, this routine is perfectly compatible after the medication has been completely discontinued.

  1. We start by washing the face with Cereals Extract Mousse Facial Cleanser. Its delicate texture and cereal content cleanses your skin deeply but gently, while providing moisture. Remember that it is important to avoid drying out your skin so as not to overproduce oil.
  2. Next up is Wonder Care Face Mask. It is a mask rich in avocado, centella asiatica, extracts of Peony, calendula and rice that will eliminate the remains of flaky skin, traces of makeup (if any) and blackheads as well as a feeling of freshness to your skin. Apply all over the face, avoiding the eye contour area, and leave on for 4-5 minutes. Then remove with cool water, massaging the skin in circles while the exfoliating action is activated. You will immediately notice how much smoother and silkier your skin is. I advise you to use it 2-3 times a week.
  3. We continue with the real revolution in anti-acne treatment. It is the Attakné Bomb. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, it reduces bacterial reproduction in the pores and reduces the appearance of pimples. Apply it to the most acne-prone area, avoiding contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. It is so effective that you can even apply it twice a day on that pimple that bothers you so much and in 24 hours you will notice an improvement in its inflammation.
  4. Finally, it’s time to nourish your skin, giving it the balance it needs with Attakné face cream. If you tend to have oily or combination skin, I recommend Attakné for oily skin. If, on the other hand, you have already undergone aggressive anti-acne treatment and your skin is dry, I recommend Attakné for dry skin. The texture of both is very light and easily absorbed, leaving the skin visibly hydrated and shine-free.

“Of all the non-medicated anti-acne products, these are the ones that have given me the best results both on my own skin and on most of my patients. I recommend this routine to all my patients before starting any pharmacological treatment and even those who have already undergone aggressive treatments with isothretionine (Roacutan, Dercutane,…)”


Finally, caring for your sensitive skin naturally has never been so easy!

Cereals Extract Mousse Facial Cleanser


Perfect Loops Hair Conditioner



Attakne Bomb Serum




Attakne Pieles Grasas


Attakne Pieles Secas



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