Doctor Klein and sensitive skin

Red, inflamed, itchy, uncomfortable, even painful skin?

If you are a person with sensitive skin, you will be familiar with skin irritation. You are exposed on a daily basis to many of the causes of skin sensitisation and irritation. The main one can be a lack of moisture in our dermis, but it can also be caused by your skin coming into contact with a substance, surface or material that provokes a reaction.

Stress is one of the reasons why more and more people suffer from sensitive skin every day. Excessive exposure to the sun without adequate sun protection, certain clothing or fabrics that can cause allergies, such as lycra, sudden changes in temperature, chemicals, cosmetics or creams that are unsuitable for your skin are other factors that can alter your skin.

What can people with sensitive and irritable skin do to enjoy the pleasure of skin care through cosmetic art?

Irritable skin and cosmetics can coexist, all you have to do is adapt your purchases of creams and cosmetic products and find a brand whose main objective is to take care of the most sensitive and irritable skin. Doctor Klein is that brand.

Our natural cosmetics specially formulated for sensitive skin, with natural biotechnological active ingredients in high concentrations, will provide the necessary safety for sensitive skin, being cared for with gentle but highly effective products.

Why trust Doctor Klein?

Unlike what the market offers, Doctor Klein formulates and manufactures all its cosmetics. This means that we have control over every single process in the production process: from the choice of ingredients, the development of the formula which is done in our R&D laboratory, to the manufacture of the cosmetics, packaging and labelling. This ensures that quality controls at every stage are carried out exclusively by Doctor Klein, as we do not delegate the safety and quality of our cosmetics to anyone else.

The result?

A range of safe and modern products, specially adapted for sensitive and irritable skin.

Does Dr. Klein give me the opportunity to take care of my skin in a simple way?

Yes, you just need to keep it hydrated and care for it with products made for the most sensitive skin, and this can easily be achieved with care routines for different body parts and different situations to which your skin may be exposed. In short, a religious use of Doctor Klein products, suited to your situation and needs, will provide you with all the nutrients you need and give you the confidence to face external factors with care and protection.

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